Verify Your Patent

There are some rare scenarios that might help you along your way of patenting an invention or discovery, however it will help you keep your patent a secret. A practical example of this might be the Coca Cola formula. This will effectively enable you to really own the sole monopoly rights and keep it for a much longer time after the twenty years have expired that was originally allowed for by the original patent.

This method is a viable option only should you find it not to be at all possible for any outsider that may want to analyse as well as find the secret to your patent, invention or otherwise reveal it to the public.

The temporary patent will be an application that will help you to secure the date as well as the right of the invention which will not be able to able to assure that the claim will be accepted, however.

You will also find that the onus will be completely on you, who are applying for the actual patent, which will have to investigate this regard. This will mean that the patent might actually be allowed in US for any invention that might not be new and which might have already been patented in the past. It will definitely be worth your time and monetary benefit to ensure that your patent’s uniqueness is verified even before you start the filing for temporary protection as explained on

This could end up saving you a lot of time and effort in having to reinvent the wheel from scratch. People will find that they have great access to the patent office through use of the internet to that of international databases dedicated to international patents.

You will find that this is the area where the actual PCT application will actually be quite helpful. It will include the prelim search which will be a great insurance that is against adverse in results at a later time.

After 5 years from the actual date of applying for the patent in US, other individuals can find details of or search in any international patent applications which might have been filed. The publication of patents that have been granted for foreign companies will normally have all of the required information of previous art which was to be considered before it will be granted to you.

If you want to sell to the markets, you will need to perform a search in order to know that you will not be infringing on anyone else’s patents. You will find that there is a high probability that one product might be patented in one country, but not in another one.

The inventions and any other supporting documents should contain the mark applied for patent with all the applicable numbers in order to guarantee that no infringement damages will be recovered. If you falsely claim that any patent’s rights do exist, when in fact it doesn’t, it is actually considered an actual criminal offense as you can read from post.

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