Fur has continually been regarded as a symbol of luxury and elegance, the object of the desire of all women in the world. A wide range of quality aimed at satisfying the most diversified needs of customers, the attention to the latest trends, the entrepreneurial spirit is just one of the characteristics of A&A Vesa Romania that offers exclusive models, outstanding, born from the inspiration of important masters furriers.

Versatile collections ranging from the most classic to the most original, seeing a timeless material declined in garments that do not follow fashion but dictate it. The management of the company belongs to the generation of a family of furriers, sole depositary of a tradition that since 1994 brings with it a profound knowledge of the product, passion, ability to renew itself, craftsmanship and creative freedom expertly assured as a guarantee of an all-Romania success. The models of our ateliers have always been appreciated and mainly intended for a European public, thanks to the excellent selection of raw materials and meticulous attention to packaging.

The company A&A Vesa Romania specialises in fur garments made with Scandinavian and North American mink, chinchilla, fox, Russian sable and swakara. The skins are bought in the most prestigious auctions in the world under the careful vision of management who also takes part personally in the creation of the collections using an efficient team of stylists. Thus a process is prefigured that, from the purchase of leather to tanning to the production of garments, brings to light the incomparable creations of A&A Vesa fur collections.

For several decades now Tannery A&A Vesa fur factory has mastered this extraordinary process of transforming fur. And if many of the most basic applications remain valid today, others have evolved dramatically in the search for solutions to the most diverse fields. A&A Vesa tanneries apply themselves daily in this evolution, in a constant investment of improvement of the tanning and finishing processes. This behaviour allows us to occupy the front line in the fur industry as demanding as the tanneries and offer a diversity that defies the imagination.

The quality and modernity of our facilities and our equipment are factors that we consider decisive for maintaining the competitiveness of our company at the highest level. Our production units are equipped with an optimised layout and state-of-the-art technology, giving our employees the best working conditions, leading to better performance and contributing to a better quality final product.

Being present today in a global and competitive market implies a continuous surpassing of the highest standards at all levels.

This way of looking at business acquisition has enabled us over the years to reach a prominent position in the national market and to develop a regular export activity to several countries of Europe and the World.

Knowing that only by resorting to the best technology can we overcome the most demanding challenges of the fur industry. We participate actively in innovation projects for the fur industry and using the specialist advice in achieving our goal and satisfying our customers.

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