Surveys for Money

YOU can make money by taking surveys online! Companies are willing to pay you for your opinion! It’s free to get started, fun, convenient, and best of all IT WORKS! You just have to know where to go to maximize your effort, and earn big! That’s where we come in.

There is thousands of survey sites on the web that are willing to pay you for your feedback with cash, rewards, and more, and the income potential is literally limitless! However, with so much to choose from, it’s an overwhelming task of trying to find the highest paying, most effective sites, and attempting to sort honest sites that actually work and put money in your pocket from scams can be challenging.

But guess what? You don’t have to! We’ve done all the work for you! We’ve weeded out the duds, brought the superstars to the forefront, and put it all together in this easy to navigate collection of income generating giants. So don’t wait, check it out now! Work part time, work full time, work from home, work anywhere, be your own boss and MAKE MONEY TODAY!

Is just amazing! They offer some of the highest payouts and in certain cases will even pay you for surveys that you do not qualify for! PVP has an abundance of surveys, a super low minimum payment threshold (only $15!), and an elaborate refer-a-friend program which generously offers up to $25 per referral! This site is a staple for any serious surveyprenuer!


Is a super survey site and easily one of my favorites. They offer extremely high payouts (up to $1/survey question answered!) and payments are automatically sent to your Paypal account. The surveys are fast, easy, and interesting. Overall, this is a must-add site to the rotation of any serious survey taker!

With Survey Savvy, each survey is assigned a certain dollar amount and you can cash out at anytime by requesting a check. Instant cash for your time?!?….now that’s my style!

HCD Surveys

Is a very easy and user friendly site that’s quick to join and pays well. HCD offers a very rewarding point system that equates to approx. $1-5 per survey, and a crazy low minimum cash out of only $10, paid by check. This site makes earning money from surveys easy and is without question on of the best survey sites on the web !

Instant Cash Sweepstakes

is the easiest of the survey sites to get established on. You literally sign up and go, and my personal favorite part about it is that the surveys are quick, there’s nothing that’s going to drag out 20 or 30 minutes, it’s snap snap snap! They even offer a nifty little refer-a-friend program, giving you yet another avenue to earn revenue from!


Is an industry leader in online research panels. Members are invited to participate in online surveys on numerous topics, and in return are eligible for cash or entry into sweepstakes. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and powered by GMI, this site is definately a powerhouse in the paid online survey market.

i-Say by Ipsos

Is probably the most reputable survey sites on the web. The site has a long history and is well known for high-paying surveys, especially after you establish yourself with he site by taking the first few surveys…..and do so ASAP after you register so that you can prove yourself and move higher up in their ranks to get more and better paying surveys. If you’re serious about taking surveys and making money online, this is the place to be.


Is the epitome of a great survey site. With an abundance of opportunities, your guaranteed to make money right away, and you can stay busy on SB for a VERY long time. They also have a fantastice rewards store with so many options from gift cards to electronic items and much more. Finally, you’ll find tons of other innovative ways to make or save money by trying or buying products, as well as downloading their amazing coupon software which allows you to earn while you save!


Is another fantastic survey site that pays you for your opinions. The great thing about iPoll is that not only can you sign up and make money online, but they have a mobile app allowing you to make money from pretty much anywhere at anytime from your smartphone! Get going today and get up to $5 bonus for signing up!

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