Spray Tanning Solution

A tanning session is only as good as the spray tanning solution that you use. This is true when you receive a spray tan in a salon and it’s also true if you give yourself a tan at home. There isn’t an mystery as to how these solutions work and the one thing they have in common is DHA. That’s what makes your skin nice and bronze. Some spray tan solutions use a higher percentage of DHA and this can be anywhere from 6% to 12.5% Dha. Spray tanning solutions can also be organic and considering the types of chemicals some brands use, using one that is organic might be a great idea. Trying more than one brand is also a good idea, it will allow you find out what works best for your skin. There are solutions that are darker tinted, some given a golden bronze look and some are not very good at all.

The solutions that salons use are usually effective this can be the solution used in the booth or it can be the one used with an airbrush spray gun. Those that are complete novices to spray on tanning should probably start out with a tanning solution that is proven. Preferably a that has and acceptable percentage of DHA, not too high and not too low, you can then decide for yourself if you want something stronger or lighter. Skin reacts differently to different brands and spray tan solutions and with a little trial an error you will eventually find one that will give you the perfect color tan. A good quality solution will be fast drying, uses organic material and results in a lovely bronze tan in about 6 to 12 hours. It should also work in just about any HVLP system that uses a spray gun. Ocean sunless airbrush tanning 8.5% DHA medium tan solution is a good start. You can begin with a product like this or something similar. This particular solution gives a medium tan but if you want a more darker tan than you may want to opt for the 12.5% DHA solution. Both of these mixtures have some good reviews but when it comes to the tone of your skin you and you only can be the true judge of what is the best spray tanning solution.

There are some solutions that have undesirable effects, such as yellowing or making the skin appear yellow. This is exactly the type of spray tanning solution you want to avoid, because who would want a yellowish streak on their body. It pays to read into what the solutions comprise of, if you notice anything odd in the label, read about it and then decide if you want to purchase that particular spray tan solution or not.

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