SARMs Scientefic Studies

Several SARMs have undergone investigations, becoming phase 1, 2 and 3 clinical trials, and although promising results have been found regarding tissue selectivity, most of this data remained unpublished by pharmaceutical companies, making it difficult to compare the power and selectivity of different SARMs.

Several of the first-generation SARMs are in Phase 1 clinical trials. These compounds are being used for the treatment of early osteoporosis, cachexia, and functional limitations associated with aging, with the first-generation SARM producing moderate gains. However, these gains do not approximate those obtained with supraphysiological doses of testosterone enanthate (5-7 kg with doses of 300 and 600 mg, in an average time of 1 to 1.5 kg) in the muscular mass of healthy volunteers.

Currently a number of SARMs such as flutamide, nilutamide and bicalutamide are available in the market and a new series is under development for the treatment of cancer or cachexia associated with chronic diseases, sarcopenia and osteoporosis. GTx-024 (ostarine, enobosarm) is a new SARM that underwent phase 3 clinical trials to prevent lung atrophy associated with lung cancer. In the same line, with promising results, is VK-5211 (formerly known as LGD-4033), this compound was subjected to phase 1 clinical trials in 2009 and the results were published in 2013. VK-5211 will be submitted for studies phase 2 clinicians to know the effects on muscle loss due to cancer, acute illness or hip fracture.

In a phase 1 study lasting 12 weeks, MK-0773 was shown to increase fat-free mass (MLG) without androgenization of the skin. In another 6-month phase 2a study, an increase in MLG was found with a statistically significant increase in strength and performance, although the difference between the placebo and MK-0773 groups was not significant. But, there are a lot of people who are using SARMs in Netherlands and are having great results, with almost no side effects. So, it seems that it all depends on the user. If you are looking to Buy Sarms Netherlands, your best option would be to search online. There are a lot of bodybuilding websites that are established and trusted selling SARMs in Netherlands.

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