Restaurant Furniture Tips

People choose to eat out at restaurants for a variety of reasons. Some don’t want to bother with the cooking and cleanup at home, some are looking to “treat” themselves with a night out and some just want a quick bit on their way to wherever they’re going. Regardless of why someone chooses to eat at a restaurant, the food is the main attraction. However, restaurant furniture and ambiance can help or hinder the overall dining experience almost as much as the menu. So let your menu and furniture work together to keep customers happy, comfortable and full.

Think about the kind of food you serve. Do burgers and fries call for high-backed chairs and white linen table cloths? Would someone want to eat filet mignon on a rough wooden patio table? Your menu ties directly into the expectation of the diner for what your restaurant should look like. Do the two match each other?

If you use heavy ceramic plates to serve meals, maybe a glass tabletop isn’t the best choice. Glass can transfer heat, leading to discomfort for your patrons. Glass can also break if the table gets bumped or something gets dropped on it. Is your restaurant filled with hustle and bustle where that is a legitimate concern? While glass is easy to clean, it also gets dirty just as fast. Maybe a sports bar isn’t the best place for a glass tabletop.

If you own a family friendly restaurant, chances are you’ve got more than a fair share of spills and stains. Maybe vinyl covered furniture is a better choice in the long run than elegantly upholstered booths. You have to think both practically and artistically about your restaurant furniture. It has to last, since new furniture doesn’t come cheap, but it also has to heighten the overall dining experience.

And one thing most restaurants overlook, you must have a great looking unique hostess stand. Hostess stand is the first thing your customers see when they enter your restaurant, so you should do your best to make that first impression right.

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