Quality Affordable Double Baby Strollers

Baby Strollers, especially double strollers, can be very expensive depending on how snazzy a unit you are looking for. I don’t know about you, but there were times in my life were money wasn’t that easy to come by. Inevitably, it’s also when your kids are small, especially if you are a young parent. You have rent or mortgage, probably a car payment, new in your job which means you are on the bottom of the pay scale.

Nevertheless you still have to have a place for your baby to ride and a way to take him or her out for some fresh air or around town or to the grocery store. With carrying them everywhere! They are cute, but none of us can do that!

If you have two kids to deal with that just makes the problem worse! Buying a double stroller for your infant and toddler becomes even more of a priority because you definitely can’t carry two of them and toddlers can only walk for so long.

If you are looking for a decent baby stroller to accommodate your new family, in my opinion dollarwise it’s hard to beat Graco. They have been around for ever, make a good solid unit and have a great support line. Also the Graco people know what you need.

  • Car Seat Adapter – Attach the car seat to the stroller with minimum hassle.
  • Drink Holder – I like coffee everywhere
  • Easy Folding – This is critical for my wife
  • Drink Holders – Drink Holders for the Sippy Cups!
  • Big Cargo Bag – Great for snacks, towels, blankies etc.
  • Foot rest for kids – Why should they be second class?!
  • Maneuverable – Relatively easy to turn and get in and out of doorways

The Duogliders (cool name, eh?) also have some suspension on the front wheels. I could never understand what that was for. I always assumed it had something to do with comfort. But it’s not that so much. The idea is that wheels flex a bit on and off of the curbs etc. This makes it much easier to negotiate those periodic uncut urban cliffs we call curbs.

Cargo Carrier

A few years ago we took the kids to Disney. Needless to say there was a lot of walking and we needed to take a lot of stuff into the parks. The thing that we missed with the stroller we had at the time was a great cargo carrier. This unit outshines the competition where carry kiddy stuf is concerned. Underneath the entire length of this double baby stroller is a cargo net, and you can pack a ton of stuff in there.

Turns On A Dime

One of the great things about this stroller is it’s ability to get in and out of tight spaces. Those dual articulating wheels mean you can literally turn the thing in a 360 on a dime. This is indispensable when you are going in and out of a tight apartment for example or a small shop somewhere. The ability to turn the thing is surprising when you consider it’s size and that is basically carry’s two kids and all their stuff. It’s quite remarkable.

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