Protecting Your Property Online With The Law

Internet has become a market place for intellectual properties; it is a place where ideas, product and services are sold and shared and even stolen on a daily basis. Many people have become rich and famous because of the internet.

Franchisers who have their own original intellectual property on the internet may share their own works online or may ensure that their intellectual property is not used without the franchisors consent.

Taking steps in protecting people’s intellectual property on the internet must be done. Franchisors should not be easy in protecting their property and works online since. Registration, notification and contracting are the basic steps in protecting the intellectual property on the internet.

The franchiser should register their copyrights and trademarks in every country to ensure that it will not be duplicated or copied. The franchisor should always register their copyrights and trademarks as domain names in their own country.

The franchisors must always use the proper copyrights, trademarks and trade secrets to inform the whole world about the nature and the ownership of the intellectual property. It is also advisable to use comprehensive “term of use” agreement of its websites.

The franchisor should always ensure that its intellectual property has an adequate protection on its franchise agreement. The agreement should include rules and regulations regarding whether and how the franchisee may establish its own use of the franchisors IP address on the internet and establish its own website as described in article.

Intangible asset on the internet should also be protected under the law. Copyright is a type of protection provided to the authors for their original works and authorship, it includes the literary artworks, dramatic, artistic, and musical and other intellectual works published and unpublished.

Copyright will ensure that no one can duplicate or make a same idea out of the franchisors work. Trademark is also a type of intangible assets on the internet that must be protected to avoid conflicts; it is a type of protection where franchisor can protect their marks.

A trademark can be a word, design or a phrase. A registered mark will protect your right to the exclusive use of the word, phrase or design but the degree of the protection on trademark will depend upon the distinctiveness of the mark itself.

Patents is another intangible asset on the internet, it give the owner the right to exclude others from making, offering, selling, using, the invention online. Patent protection must be applied in every country where protection is sought.

Different organizations in the world provide information on how to apply their patent online; it basically provides information and other services to the public. The professional patenting agency, such as InventHelp, provide answers and questions concerning patent examining procedures and policies.

Ensuring a patent is easy one the requirements and investigations are made it may take several weeks before it can issued a patent but it’s worth it. Protection on your work is a need for everybody especially on the internet. It is the safest way in protecting your works from people who wants to steal, duplicate and even destroy.

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