Patent Filing, Search and Examination Fees

There are three main types of patents. The first of these are the utility patents. These are granted to an individual or a group of people who come up with either a new process or product that can improve peoples’ lifestyle. The second are the design patents.

These are the patents that are granted to an individual or people who have come up with a new ornamental concept for articles that are to be manufactured. Lastly there are the plant patents that are granted to people who have discovered a whole new variety of plants that are reproduced asexually.

There are a number of fees that are involved in the patenting process. Typically, one should expect to be charged a fee ranging from a hundred and sixty dollars to about eight hundred dollars when they are filling an application for a patent.

This fee ranges depending on the type of patent that an individual is applying for. The fee will also depend on whether the individual applying for a patent can be classified as an independent investor, a non-profit organization or a small business as explained on

After paying for filing fees when you are applying for a patent, there are a number of other fees that you would need to consider. These include issue fees. Issue fees range from a hundred dollars to about one thousand dollars. In addition to these there are maintenance fees that the applicant would have to pay.

Maintenance fees for your patent are paid after a set period of time on a regular basis. This period of time also ranges. Maintenance fees could be paid every three and a half years, every seven and a half years or every eleven and a half years. With this in mind, you could easily find an investor paying fees of up to four thousand dollars to get, for example, a utility patent.

After an application for a patent is filed, the patent application is then taken to an examiner. The examiners of patents are typically experts in their various fields. These fields tend to be based on technology. The examiner is tasked to analyze the patent and check its viability as you can see from article.

The examiner has to be convinced by the new invention that it is not only new and useful, but that it has also never been conceptualized before in its particular field. The procedure of the patent being examined can take as long as two years after which examination fees have to be paid.

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