Paint by Number – Have Fun Painting

My first choice of a hobby is painting. I have been painting for many years and I have bought from different companies and have never been disappointed with the product. If this is your first painting and don’t know where to look for, which company to trust with Paint by Numbers Australia kits you can’t get wrong, if you do not like the color you can change it, or mix it, there is no set rule on how to do it.

I started of with Paint by Numbers from Herschner and have exhausted the scenes I am interested in, than I spend hours browsing the internet, I will save you the time and share what I found.

Paint by numbers Australia has an amazing variety of Paint by Numbers, categorized in large paintings, Celebrity, religious- spiritual, set of three, wildlife, famous and more, pictures are imported from China and the colors are beautiful.

Amazon also has a huge selection of Paint by numbers, I like the variety of brushes and different kind of paint accessories which come in handy to use, also to mentioned the low cost of the pictures and material.

I have done Reeves painting, which has also a great variety with bursting colors, I did get one picture where the paint was transparent and would not cover the numbers and lines, no matter how many times I painted over it, since than I have not seen the picture offered online.

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