Moving? It’s a Family Affair

For families, moving in Singapore can be especially tricky – getting your kids enrolled in a new school, checking out the surrounding areas to see if your new neighborhood is safe, and worrying about your children re-adjusting to their new environment are enough reasons to cause stress for even the most organized and well-prepared parents. Keeping track of everyone’s belongings when moving furniture in Singapore can be a hassle, to say the least! However, you can get your kids involved in the packing process, too, and let them mark their boxes with their own personal labels (example, “Property Of Susie”, “Jimmy’s Toys”, etc.), so unpacking will be convenient as well as fun. Have them write their funny family nicknames on each of their boxes, or let them put colorful stickers on crates of toys so they get involved in the process, making the act of moving less of a chore and instead something to look forward to.

If your younger kids will be in the car for a length of time (a day or more) when moving cross country, wrapping dollar-store gifts (coloring books, crossword puzzles, pocket-games) in newspaper or tissue and allowing them to open intermittently throughout your trip will keep them entertained…and might even save your sanity (no one wants to hear “are we there yet” 20 minutes into the trip)!

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