Mother’s Day History

Mother’s Day is a sentimental day for millions of people all over the world. You probably have your own Mother’s Day traditions. But, what’s the story behind the holiday? Why do we devote a day to our mothers?

How Mother’s Day Began

The first people to wish each other a happy Mother’s Day were most likely the Ancient Greeks. Back in those days, the Ancient Greeks would celebrate Cybele, the Mother of the Gods. Traditionally, this celebration was held in conjunction with the Vernal Equinox – or, the day when the sun passes right over the equator, signaling the start of spring.

But the Ancient Greeks weren’t alone. Over in Ancient Rome, people had their own celebrations. In Rome, though, the party centered around Juno, the goddess of childbirth. During what became known as the “Matronalia Festival”, husbands and children gave gifts to the mothers in their lives in an effort to honor Juno.

Soon enough, the annual celebration made its way to Europe. In the UK, Christians started honoring the Virgin Mary on a specific Sunday each spring. Eventually, the day became known as “Mothering Sunday”, and it became such a big celebration that even the servants were given the day off to go visit their mothers.

It was years before the tradition made its way to the United States, though. In fact, it took a major tragedy to get the country to start celebrating Mother’s Day.

Right after the Civil War ended, social activist and famed poet Julia Ward Howe thought a day dedicated to mothers was just what the war-torn country needed. Howe believed, by celebrating mothers, Americans were also celebrating peace – and honoring the role women play in raising happy families.

Mother’s Day Today

Mother’s Day may have ancient ties to religion, but, today, people of all faiths and all backgrounds celebrate the day.

Some of the most common traditions are:

– Sending a card with best wishes and/or gifts to your mother.

– Visiting your mother.

– Calling your mother (in fact, Mother’s Day is one of the most popular days to make long-distance calls).

– Sending flowers to your mother.

No matter what your ritual, Mother’s Day has special meaning to families around the world. Most families have created their own unique traditions in order to make the day even more special. There are a lot online Mother’s day gifts portals and a lot of Mother’s day wishes 2019 portals where you will find the original and unique gifts, wishes and quotes.

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