Learn About Patent Priority

The US Patent Law puts in place very specific requirements for patents to be approved. Namely, they must provide for a legal way to protect the rights of an invention creator if they are in fact the original creator of the invention. There is also something within the law that helps to protect the first to invent, specifically. The first person to invent the invention gets the rights to it. But, this is where some of the patent laws can become quite blurred.

In order for anyone to claim that the invention is their own, they must be able to prove that they were the first person to actually have the idea and formulated it. To prove this, you may believe you need to go through virtual hoops. There are often references to people who will mail themselves a letter with the invention notes on it that will prove the date at which they have created the invention. First, this does not work and second you do not need to go through the process like this. But, you do need to have some proof that you did in fact create the invention as explained in https://www.jpost.com/Special-Content/Get-Your-Invention-Off-the-Ground-with-the-Support-of-InventHelp-624132.

The best way to prove your patent priority is to have a detailed log of all of your invention happenings. From the time that you come up with your idea until the time that you apply for your patent, and beyond, you should have one, written in ink log that keeps track of each detail. Having this in place will provide you with the necessary proof that you came up with the idea first. The log book will describe each of the activities as it relates to the invention. It should also give details on tests that were performed, changes you made and anything else that played a role.

In addition to this, you also want to be sure that the log book that you have is signed by you and dated throughout. Each entry should be dated and signed. If you are working on the invention with more than one person, you should also have each person who has worked on the invention on any given day add this information to the log, too. The role of each person should be noted.

Be warned, though. Just having the log in hand is not enough to prove that you are the original idea holder and it could cause you a number of problems down the road. For example, if you do not file a patent application believing that your log book is enough, and someone else does file a patent, they could be considered the original owner of the idea. The first person to actually file the application for patent is likely to be deemed as the inventor of the invention.

To avoid this from happening to you, work with a patent attorney or service as soon as possible. Once you know your idea is marketable, you should be considering the benefits of a provisional patent to protect your ideas as stated in https://spacecoastdaily.com/2020/03/inventhelp-the-way-forward-for-new-inventors/ post.

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