Knee Pain Treatment

Knee pain is a common complaint not only in those very active patients. This condition affects the front (anterior) area of the knee joint. This complex is made up of the knee cap (patella) and the lower end of the thigh bone (femur bone). When the knee cap fails to move smoothly over the groove in the lower end of the femur, this condition is called Patellofemoral Syndrome. This may cause irritation and eventually degeneration of the underlying cartilage (bony protection) – very painful.


  • Lower limb bony malalignment
  • Poor foot posture (ankles ‘rolling in’, foot arch collapse)
  • Lower limb muscle imbalance
  • Incorrect/unsupportive footwear
  • Overuse/muscle fatigue due to incorrect training


Your podiatrist Fort Collins CO is an experienced lower limb health care doctor and is able to diagnose and treat painful knee conditions. It is important to address the cause of anterior knee pain and treat accordingly. Such treatments may include:

  • Activity modification and rehabilitation
  • Heat and Ice modalities
  • Addressing poor foot posture (appropriate footwear, orthotic inserts)

Your podiatrist Fort Collins CO offers the latest methods in injury rehabilitation services and computer-designed orthotic devices to treat your knee pain – guaranteed.

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