How Do I Become Famous?

You know you have it in you. You feel the calling and you know that the only thing you’ve been born for is fame! And how else to become famous if not through the entertainment business! Do the names Brad Pitt or Johnny Deep ring a bell? If acting comes naturally and as a necessity, then you should nourish and exploit your talent! Below are some tips on how to become famous.

The film industry can help you become famous. How do I become famous? Just make sure you appear on the big screen. Of course, the road to stardom is hard and with a lot of obstacles that need to be passed. But if you are determined to put a lot of effort into fulfilling your dream and if you are ready to go beyond the limit, then you have a chance to reach the top.

You can try going to auditions for big budget films, but the best part you’ll score will probably be a minor role that will allow you to be on screen for ten seconds. And the competition for that part is fierce. So instead of aiming too high and failing hard, try aiming low and succeeding. Don’t overlook independent movies with small budgets. Many independent movies made millions of dollars at the box office and many actors became popular by doing independent movies. It is also important to keep an open mind. A nonconventional play or movie can be the new thing, so don’t turn down offers from productions that seem odd, you never know.

It is also important to have a resume with a headshot of yourself attached to it. Many auditions will ask for your resume. Try to go to as many open casting calls as you can. For starters any job is welcomed. You need to have something to write under experience. This is why your first role will be very hard to get. Nobody will bother to look at you if you don’t have any experience in the field.

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