Getting A Patent – The How To’s

One would think that getting a patent is either the easiest thing in the world or one of the most difficult pursuits ever because listed on the Internet are hundreds if not thousands of sites providing information getting a patent, get a free patent (legal information optional), find the cost of getting a patent, find the process of getting a patent, how to patent a name, paying $3500 for a patent or getting a $99 valued patent kit absolutely free.

Getting A Patent – The DIY Way getting a patent

It is possible to – even without the assistance of a lawyer – file a patent on your own. As a matter of fact the United States patent trademark office is required to help individuals seeking out patents for their inventions or creations. Be sure that before you file for an application, you can adequately describe your invention and make absolutely sure that your invention qualifies for a patent in the first place as you can read from

Obviously, it cannot be a copy or a knock off of some other product already patented. By taking things one step at a time, you can more likely than not get a patent without extensive legal knowledge.

Getting A Patent – Record Keeping

Be sure to keep as detailed of a record as possible of your invention, process involved and so on. Have a diagram, describe every move you made, every modification and how you originally came up with the idea for your invention as described on  A prototype is never a bad thing, even if all the bugs have not been worked out yet; there will be plenty of time for that since the patent application and approval process is not an overnight endeavor. Sign and date all your documentation with a witness if possible.

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