Finding a Patent Attorney

Finding the right Patent Lawyer and patent firm is equally as important as the idea you intend to patent. No doubt, at first glance, most appear competent and capable of providing the service you need. However, unless you have been through this process, discovering how knowledgeable they are, and their ability and willingness to interpret your ideas into patent claims can be an expensive process. This process may result in a patent issued that actually does little to protect the ideas your actually hired them to protect and add little value to your company. That is what you want to avoid and where we can help.

Clear and accurate claims should be structured to protect narrow to broad use are required. A detailed specification, drawing, diagrams, power points presentations, etc. that back up the claims and provide context are needed. The patent office, such as InventHelp, searches terms and finds issued patents that may conflict. If you are the first, and have well structured claims, you patent will be brought up each time someone is filing in that space.

It’s best to use multiple different terms when describing your patented item. If you decide on a term to describe your item and another company uses another terms that means the same thing, your patent may not be found during a search.

Here’s some helpful questions to ask yourself?

• Is there any proof/references that the Patent Attorney/Firm have that they are an expert in your field?
• Can they provide information on patents have they had issued in that field?
• Have any of those patents been challenged in court and won?
• How long have they been practicing?
• How do they validate the claims that are being submitted?
• Do they have a reputation in US and internationally? Is it good?
• Has Your patent firm filed and received international patents in the past?

If you are considering using a Individual Patent Attorney or small office consider:

• What will happen to your patent if your patent lawyer is ill, injured or dies?
• Does your patent firm carry insurance?
• Are there multiple people within the firm to review the quality of claims?
• Is there an advantage by using a small patent office or Individual patent attorney?

To summarize, making a well informed decision on who you select as your patent attorney can result in significant differences. Better claims may reduce the overall time for your patent to be issued. An early issued patent with clear and accurate claims will increase the value of your business or the opportunity to sell/license your patent as explained in article.

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