Components of an SEO Strategy

The way search engines have valued and ranked websites has changed a lot over time. Content is something that used to not be given much weight, but now it is essential. One could even argue that it is the most important component of SEO. Search engines look at content because they are trying to provide the best service to their users. These users want to put in a search term and get the most relevant and useful results possible. This means sites that have informative and interesting content. If your site doesn’t have quality content, then you won’t be ranked as high.

Content can be anything from blog posts to product descriptions. You can’t take anything for granted. All content on your site needs to be original and useful. This includes product descriptions. They can’t just list some details. They really need to offer solid information. You also have to constantly be updating and adding content. It is one of the most important things that your SEO company in New York will probably focus on.


Despite the move towards valuing content so much, search engines still care about keywords. Keywords will never stop being important because they are at the heart of what a search engine does. A user enters a keyword to find what they need. Your site has to use keywords carefully. They need to be targeted. They need to be used in every aspect of your site, too.

It is also important to understand how not to use them. In the past, sites would have lists of keywords on them to trick the search engines. This doesn’t work anymore and will actually hurt your rankings. You have to place keywords in naturally and not stuff them in. They should be used in content, image tags and everywhere you can put them that makes sense. Spheere SEO – your SEO company NYC will help you with keywords and their usage.

Social Media

Websites that are shareable rank high in search engine rankings. You have to incorporate social media into your website. This includes sharing buttons that allow people to share your content on various social media sites. The more people share your content, the more attention you get. It is a good way to create backlinks that are valuable and help boost your SEO.

You also need a presence on social media. You should be posting on regular basis. It is a great way to connect with your customers and link your site to big social media sites. Plus, the search engines love social media involvement.


Backlinks are the most important factor in SEO and ranking on SERP’s. Your website needs backlinks from other websites in order to get noticed by the search engines. If many websites are linking to your site search engines will see that a lot of people are talking about your company and will position you higher. But if done wrong, backlinks can actually hurt your website rankings, so it is best to hire a Spheere SEO – New York SEO company to do the link building process for you.

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