Overcome OPI to Generate New Ideas

New ideas will not come as long as you are distracted by OPI (Other People’s Ideas). Learn to appreciate your inherent ability to produce good ideas, because that capability is common to us all. If you can read this, you have the means to generate worthwhile thoughts. You may be convinced nothing significant is happening

Patent Obviousness

An invention must be novel and non-obvious to be granted a patent. Determining if an invention is novel is relatively easy. If the invention existed previously, then it is not novel. If a previous example of the invention cannot be found, then the invention is novel. Determining patent obviousness is a much harder. In the

The Patentability of Inventions

There are many unique and innovative ideas in the marketplace today and many of them should be protected in order to secure the creator’s intellectual property rights. In some cases, however, a different person in a different place has come up with the same idea and may have already started the process before you. Before

A Features of Innovation

In the development of an industrial establishment, making a new invention by that organization, closely following the technological developments in its field and putting into practice the technology suitable for the structure of the institution are very important factors. However, in order for new inventions to be implemented in any country, it should be determined

Why Patent?

A patent is legal protection for technical solutions and inventions. That for which you gain protection is the design and use of the actual idea – meaning that not only products, but also methods and applications are patentable. A patent is a profitable affair for many reasons. Nowadays, patents are often used to support market

Who Should Be Listed On the Patent Application?

Individuals that supply the capital for building and testing the invention should not be listed as inventors on the patent application. Likewise, if an inventor requests the services of another individual to follow instructions and make his or her invention, this individual is also not considered, and therefore should not be listed as, an inventor.

Find Existing Patents

The most crucial step that a prospective inventor can take is finding out whether or not an idea that they have come up with already has an existing patent. A patent enables a person to claim sole copyright of their invention, and it makes it impossible for anyone else to claim that they invented the

Learn About Patent Priority

The US Patent Law puts in place very specific requirements for patents to be approved. Namely, they must provide for a legal way to protect the rights of an invention creator if they are in fact the original creator of the invention. There is also something within the law that helps to protect the first

Granted patent

For inventors and the companies they work for, Patent is important to understand. First, because it is not the right to build and sell the device, it is a property right to prevent others from doing so. Your invention may be an improvement on someone else’s product, so you could not sell your product without

Verify Your Patent

There are some rare scenarios that might help you along your way of patenting an invention or discovery, however it will help you keep your patent a secret. A practical example of this might be the Coca Cola formula. This will effectively enable you to really own the sole monopoly rights and keep it for

When Do You NOT Need a Patent?

Inventors tend to think that they must obtain a patent when they invent something. The fact is that in most cases obtaining a patent for an invention is not imperative. True, it has some significant and substantial advantages in the right circumstances and can arm you with very useful commercial and strategic power, but you

Is My Idea Patentable?

Many of us have experienced that exhilarating feeling when an idea for a new invention comes to us in a momentary flash of brilliance. That initial excitement usually fades, though, as we eventually realize it won’t really work, or no one would actually want it, or it’s already been done. But once in a while,

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The importance of getting a patent

Patents are something which separate Western inventors from a lot of inventors in the rest of the world. Many inventors from other parts of the world who come to places like America or Canada are thrilled at the idea of having something like a patent for their ideas and inventions because patents protect their work

Keeping Tabs on Patent Abuse

The current US patent system provides protection to an inventor for 20 years and is a compromise between two different extremes. In the first, there would be rampant copying of inventions with only the original inventor enduring the cost of research and development. This would be the case if there were no patent laws at

Brand-New Inventions

Folks might not exactly be aware of it, yet there has been many crucial inventions which have occur since introduction of the brand new millennium. In a world where we believe we may have invented almost everything, brand-new inventions, engineering and also gadgets come about more often than natural meats discover. Do you want to

Internet Marketing Consultancy

Success with online marketing does not only depend on having the right products that people are looking for or building an impressive website. What matters most is how you draw customers to your site and making them stay. Of course you will want to provide the kind of service that customers are looking for plus

Patent Laws – What You Should Know

A patent is the exclusive set of rights granted by a state for a fixed period. The person, or individuals applying, will of course have to provide disclosure of an invention. The invention must be new, inventive, and fall under the guidelines of being industrially applicable and useful. This can be determined by an patent

Can an attorney help secure a patent?

Worldwide – the scope, requirements, procedures, and stages involving patents differ from state to state. In USA, however, the industry of patents pertaining to legal matters deals with many direct clients including individuals, small to large companies, universities, and research institutions. In view of this, patent lawyers serve to assist in tackling varying fields including

Finding a Patent Attorney

Finding the right Patent Lawyer and patent firm is equally as important as the idea you intend to patent. No doubt, at first glance, most appear competent and capable of providing the service you need. However, unless you have been through this process, discovering how knowledgeable they are, and their ability and willingness to interpret

The Basics of Patent

A patent is a government granted monopoly which allows the owner of the patent to exclude others from making, using, offering to sell, and selling the patented invention within the United States. The monopoly also allows the owner of the patent to exclude other from importing the invention into the United States. A patent does

Patent Information

Patent attorneys are unique in that they must have technical degrees as well as legal degrees. To be allowed to sit for the patent bar exam, one must have a technical degree (such as engineering, medicine or science) or the equivalent education and experience. Patent protection varies between products, inventions and discoveries and it is

Tax Preparation

Is hiring a tax prep a smart choice?

When it comes to tax preparation, the entire process is a stressful and time-consuming one. Handling your taxes on your own can bring you many inconveniences and cause you a lot of headaches. Why deal with this burden, when you can simply resort to the help of a specialized tax prepare, who will help you

Restaurant Furniture Tips

People choose to eat out at restaurants for a variety of reasons. Some don’t want to bother with the cooking and cleanup at home, some are looking to “treat” themselves with a night out and some just want a quick bit on their way to wherever they’re going. Regardless of why someone chooses to eat

Using Professional Movers in Chicago

Moving can certainly leave you feeling emotionally exhausted and low on cash. Leaving your arrangements until the last minute will only make your task seem more stressful and overwhelming. No matter how you choose to plan your move some of your main task should include: Making final moving and storage arrangements for your items. Contacting

Moving? It’s a Family Affair

For families, moving in Singapore can be especially tricky – getting your kids enrolled in a new school, checking out the surrounding areas to see if your new neighborhood is safe, and worrying about your children re-adjusting to their new environment are enough reasons to cause stress for even the most organized and well-prepared parents.

WordPress Is a Great Choice for Your Blog

One of the best reasons why WordPress is a good choice when you are planning to setup your blog is because it is free. WordPress is the brain-child of a group of web developers has made use of their hobby to design something that will benefit everyone for the simple reason that they want to

WordPress and Managed WordPress Hosting

Sometimes WordPress is also called a Blogging website, WordPress blog, or simply a blog. Is WordPress Simple? Yes WordPress is the simplest tool available online to build a website. How simple it is to build a website on WordPress. If you can write something in Microsoft word – then you can design a website on

Choosing Home Interior Design Software

Designing the interior of your home can be extremely exciting and something that is also very enjoyable. However, it can also be very difficult at times, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. Getting the correct home interior design software will help you to create the best design possible. There are many different

Best Online Loans

There are many different ways to find home loan, whether it is a 1st mortgage for a new home or a home equity loan to renovate your existing house. As well there are online car loans for either new or used cars, or if your are a bit short of cash between paychecks there are

Leverage In Bitcoin Trading Explained

The idea and usage of leverage when applied to the world of crypto currency can be confusing for someone who is new to the game. If that sounds like you, then it is important not to let an offer of leverage from a broker blind you to the very real risks involved in using this

Components of an SEO Strategy

The way search engines have valued and ranked websites has changed a lot over time. Content is something that used to not be given much weight, but now it is essential. One could even argue that it is the most important component of SEO. Search engines look at content because they are trying to provide

Is Online Business Formula (FNO) Working?

Alex Vargas is a digital entrepreneur, he created several successful products and websites on the internet, such as the best-selling Formula 47 slimming. Already taught over 10,000 people through courses and changed the lives of several people. The Fórmula Negócio Online is a digital entrepreneurship course, so you invest the money to be able to

Buy a Home To Rent a Home

While many people imagine they will have a second home, the cost of buying a second home is enough to scare the majority, and they promise to come back when they receive a big raise or receive an inheritance. On the other hand, other people see second homes as an investment, which they can start