Understanding What a Patent Law Attorney Is

The very first thing that you need to understand about patent attorneys is that they are qualified attorneys who then choose to specialize in the specific field of patents and trademarks. This is also known as specializing in the field of intellectual property law. What few people realize is that in addition to a standard law degree a lawyer or attorney that chooses to specialize in patents and trademarks as well as intellectual property law also needs to have a technical qualification which entails obtaining a qualification in a technical or scientific field.

This is generally achieved in addition through a technical institution. Most technical or scientific diplomas are a three year course. Once the would-be patent attorney has obtained this additional qualification they then also need to gain relative practical experience by completing a practical internship within the office of a registered and practicing patent attorney. The duration of the internship does vary to a degree but it is never less than six months.

Patent attorneys deal specifically with inventions and ideas as well as creations based on ideas and thoughts. The process generally involves filing certain applications for patents and legal rights over these thoughts and ideas which are collectively generally known as intellectual property rights.

The field of patent law is widely regarded as being one of the most complex of all legal fields and is quite a specialized field to specialize in for any lawyer.Patent attorneys have to really spend a great deal of time obtaining qualifications, not only in terms of a law degree but also a more specialized level of education within a subdivision of the field of patent law.

This boils down to specializing within a technical or scientific field and can also further include fields relating to biology and medicine, communications and technology as well as creative endeavours relating to stories, novels and novellas, film and theatre scripts. Patent attorneys need to be experts in one of the many fields within the broad spectrum of patent law in order to really be successful and useful patent attorneys.

The Basics of Patent

A patent is a government granted monopoly which allows the owner of the patent to exclude others from making, using, offering to sell, and selling the patented invention within the United States. The monopoly also allows the owner of the patent to exclude other from importing the invention into the United States. A patent does not grant any such rights beyond the territorial reach of the United States.

The length of time a patent owner may assert his or her rights is called “patent term.”On new patent applications, the term of a patent generally runs from the day it is granted until 20 years after the date the patent was applied for. It usually takes about two and a half years to for a patent to be examined, so an average patent term might be 17 to 18 years.

So we’ve talked about what you get when you have a patent, but what do you have to give to get that patent? The government grant of the patent monopoly is, at the very least, contingent upon you telling the general public the best way you know how to make and use your invention. In exchange for increasing the universe of knowledge available to all, which hopefully leads to even more advances for the good of all, you may be entitled to a monopoly for a limited time on your invention.

As stated above, the rights associated with a patent are the rights to exclude others from making, using, offering to sell, and selling the patented invention. It is important to note that this is a “negative” right, meaning that the right doesn’t allow you to do something; it is a right which allows you to prevent others from doing something.

Does this mean that a patent is useless? No, the right to exclude others from doing something can be very powerful. Imagine if you owned the patent on the cellular phone; everyone would need a license from you to use their phone! But what if sub-portions of the cellular phone, for example the display or the electronics inside, were patented by someone else? Let’s look at two examples so we can answer that question.

Someone else has a patent on the automobile. You obtain a patent on an automobile with an automatic transmission. Because your patent right is a right to exclude, you can exclude others from making automobiles with automatic transmissions. But can you necessarily make an automobile with an automatic transmission? No, not without permission from the person with the patent on the automobile because they have a right to exclude others from making automobiles.

So coming back to the example of you having a patent on the cellular phone, it would not be safe to assume that you could make cellular phones without first checking to see if sub-portions of your phone were patented by others. However, you could still exclude others from using cellular phones.

The important thing to take from the above is that obtaining a patent does not grant you carte blanche rights to make or use an invention, merely to prevent others from making or using it. Others may have patent rights in sub-portions of your invention that are necessary to make your invention.

Web Design

Mobile Mobile Web Design Tips

When you are designing a website, usability is extremely important. This allows visitors to easily access the information they are looking for on the site. The good news is that creating a usable website doesn’t have to be expensive.

Knowing a few basics can help you to design a site that is easy to use, which is sure to attract more visitors. If you’re working to design a great website, here are a few Mobile Web Design tips you definitely should use.

Avoid Too Many Graphics

While a few graphics can definitely add to the design of any website, too many graphics can be a huge problem. You don’t want to distract the visitor from the main purpose of your site by overusing the graphics.

Don’t work to decorate the site. You only want to use graphics to actually improve the web page, not to simply add decoration. When it comes to graphics, less is going to be more when it comes to the usability of the site.

Add a Tagline

One of the important Mobile Web Design tips to remember when designing a site for maximum usability is to add a tagline to your website. This is basically a motto or statement that can be used to state your mission or philosophy.

On the first page, this should be the main element that is seen. It should use one phrase to describe the entire site. Websites only have a few seconds to get the attention of visitors and a clear tagline can help keep the attention of your visitors so they are more likely to look at other pages on your website.

Web Design

Include a Site Search

Another of the important elements that should be included in your website design is a site search option. Users like to have the option to easily search for something on a site. The search text field should be at the top of the website so users can easily find it.

Also, its recommended to make it about 27 characters wide so that it is easy for text to be seen when doing a search. Show the search button clearly as well.

Create Easy Pages To Scan

It is also very important to create pages that are easy to scan when you are designing a website. Pages that can easily be read are going to help you keep visitors coming back again and again. Most users on the web today scan through web pages instead of actually reading them.

They look for lists, bold text, and titles. This means that you want to design your text for easy eye tracking so users wont just click away from your page.

These are just a few of the great tips you can use for your own website design. Remember, you want a website that is easy for your visitors to use. If they cannot easily use the site, chances are that they will leave your site and never visit again. By implementing these tips, you can ensure that the entire website is designed with maximum usability in mind. If this sounds complicated and confusing to you, you can always hire a web design agency to make a website for you. There are some really good web design Malaysia companies who can make you a beautiful, professional and functional website.

You’ll find it easier to engage first time visitors and you’ll also encourage return visitors as well, which is sure to help your business become more successful on the web.

Hire patent lawyer for software patent or consider doing it on your own

Deciding whether to hire any patent attorney for your software patents or to do things on your own can be a confusing training for any inventors. You can see a number of inventors of trying effects on a DIY basis; however, their draft applications are just seen with an amount of errors that can simply lead to time and energy loss.

The fact is preparing any patent draft application to register your patent is a complicated process. Though it may appear as a simple thing, but it has quite a few technicalities, which could be misunderstood by the inventor. Hence it would be good to get help from patenting professionals, such as InventHelp to help you in this step.

The only thing you can try on a DIY basis is filing provisional patent application. These applications can be easily drafted on a DIY as they take place to be simple as compared to any non provisional patent application. Plus these are not examined by the US Patent Office and you do not need the hard claim section in it.

So irrespective of the technique you opt in your patent application process, make certain you hunt for a specialist US patent search performed before you fill out any patent application.

Now what are the benefits and risks correlated with self drafting? This is a vital question which you are supposed to answer the first while making things simple. Hence let’s actually weigh some of the dissimilar benefits and risks involved with self drafting. The benefits include saving huge amount of dollars which you pay as fees to your attorney. Secondly, you are not very much supposed to depend upon anyone hence can certainly draft the application in your flexible hours. But whenever you think of this option you have more number of risks rather than the benefits. While preparing the drafts you make a couple of costly mistakes in the patent application which could result in losing some of the patent rights as was explained in this article on https://openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/thoughtster/the-greatest-invention-ideas-that-shaped-the-world/.

You would involve additional time in researching and exploring the ideas around the patent application. You will, never be able file the patent protection in foreign nations within the first initial year of your patent application. In this way, you can see the alternative of self drafting any patent application is a risky thing. Relying on different patent applications too can bring in quite a few flaws. Hence at the end it is recommended to hire any competent patent attorney rather than inviting problems by doing things your own.

Patent Information

Patent attorneys are unique in that they must have technical degrees as well as legal degrees. To be allowed to sit for the patent bar exam, one must have a technical degree (such as engineering, medicine or science) or the equivalent education and experience.

Patent protection varies between products, inventions and discoveries and it is beneficial to engage the services of a qualified, registered patent attorney, who can gauge the scope of protection one might have with a new or improved product and ascertain whether another’s rights might be infringed upon by making, selling or using that product.

What is a patent? All US patents are legal documents, issued by the federal government, which grant their owners a legally enforceable right to prevent others from making, using or selling the invention claimed by the patent during its term. There are, however, various types of patents. As a property right, patents may be sold, licensed, inherited and mortgaged.

How is patent protection obtained? Patent protection is not enforceable until a patent is actually issued. To obtain a patent, an application meeting statutory requirements must be filed and prosecuted before the United States Patent and Trademark Office as explained on https://activerain.com/blogsview/5327718/get-help-to-achieve-commercial-success-with-inventhelp.

Generally speaking, US patent protection is the only method by which one can exclude all others in the United States from making, using or selling the subject matter which makes up the claimed invention. Patent applications have been described by courts as the most difficult legal documents to draft.

They must adhere to strict technical and legal regulations to be valid and enforceable and, at the same time, include an exhaustive description to provide adequate protection.


Utility patents: Protect structural or functional characteristics of a product
Design patents: Protect ornamental, not structural or functional, characteristics of a product

UTILITY PATENTS comprise the bulk of patents issued. A utility patent has a term of 20 years from the filing date of the patent application after the patent has been issued. The application for a utility patent is a detailed written description of the invention’s structure and function, accompanied by mandatory patent-quality drawings, and you can find more about it on https://www.veteranstoday.com/2018/10/19/start-business/ too.

DESIGN PATENTS are typically sought for jewelry, toys, figurines and articles having a unique look apart from their structural design. For instance, shoe companies obtain design patents to protect the ornamental features of their shoes, including the soles. Design patents are not as popular as utility patents since they have limited application and are considered easier to design around since they protect only ornamental features rather than structure or function. However, design patents are useful and important for certain businesses and products.

Sports Psychology

Applied Sports Psychology

It is common for individual sports people to employ the services of a psychologist outright. They know that the best results will always be obtained when the same person is able to work with them for an extended period of time. The psychologist will put a system into play at the start of their association, and will then be able to review the results over the coming months. It is not so much results in competition which are important, but the entire attitude to practicing, to maintaining health and fitness, and to making sure that the body is in the optimum condition whenever competition is about to take place.

One of the most important skills in applied sports psychology is the ability to visualize and to make mental pictures in the mind. This has been proven during previous trials in which basketball teams which had only done visualization and mental training were matched against those who had carried out physical practicing. While the physical practicing was proven to be more effective, the difference was minimal. By applying the benefits of this mental practicing while you are also engaged in a standard regime of physical practice, you can make it even more effective. These are vital skills for the sports psychologist.

Those who are able to apply sports psychology at the highest level are the ones who have been prepared to go through the extensive program of training, including four years at a university. A doctorate degree is virtually essential if you want to work at the highest level, as there is no time for any employer or anyone engaging a psychologist to train them or to offer any additional support. You need to be able to hit the ground running and work at the highest level right from the first day, and you need expertise to be able to devise customized programs.

As time goes by effective examples of applied sports psychology become easier to find. The winners of virtually every top flight sporting event are now using these techniques, and in nearly every case they are being taught by a full time professional.

Best Operating System For Gaming (1)

What Is An Operating System?

Operating System (O.S.) can be of various types. Along with the improvement in technology and the kind of computers that are being created, the operating system has since been revised or restructured in a way that is a par with the latest trends in technology. The latest O.S. created is in accordance to the other applications and software that are advanced and are according to the needs of the users around the world. With time people are adapting themselves to the newer operating systems and the effect of technology on their lives.

It is usually installed in new computers or similar devices. According to the make of the computer and the technicalities involved, one has the freedom to choose the operating software to be installed in the computer device. For example, if the device will be used mainly for gaming, OS for gaming should be installed. Operating systems are available in stores that deal with computer peripherals. Purchasing an original version of the operating system is always something one should keep in mind, as there are chances of the computer getting damaged when there is a use of a pirated version of the operating system.

Apart from purchasing an operating system drive to be installed in the computer, one can also hire professionals who deal with operating systems and know the procedure to install one. They usually own the licensed and the original versions of particular software that is in use. They charge for a nominal fee in return of lending the operating system to a computer device. In order to avail more help on Operating System Support, there is an option of surfing the Internet. There are many online services that guides one to know more about the various system supports which is helpful to an individual according to their needs like adware removal, windows support, software installation, adobe Photoshop support, etc.

It is also applicable form smart phones. Smart phones usually have a large screen and help one to read mails and access the internet. In order to choose a smart phone in accordance to the need of the user, one should know the various specifications each operating system has. After knowing the specifications and comparing to the requirements of the user, one should opt for a smart phone with their desired O.S. There are several software or applications that are compatible to various operating system. Making sure of the compatibility of the application with the O.S. is something one should always keep in mind.

The recent O.S. that were launched were accordingly created to let applications be compatible with it. They are user friendly and changes according to the improvements in technology. There are various versions too available for the operating systems in the smart phones. Upgrading them accordingly helps one to stay at par with the latest advancements.

Online Writing Help

As a student, the most disheartening thing is that you have to sit down and do so many essays. If it was an option, you would love to skip the papers all the same, but it is not. The essays are used to determine your final overall grade in college and therefore, you know very well that you would like to give the writing your best shot.

Many companies that offer essay writing services are owned by individuals who have excellent writing skills. College students can also offer writing services if they get adequate training. The training should include all the necessary procedures that should be followed when writing different types of papers. For example, people who experience a lot of challenges in paper writing can seek assistance from paper writing companies, such as Essays Council.

Such companies are able to offer the much needed help especially to students who have poor writing skills. The services offered by these companies include custom essay writing and English essay writing. People who have interest in writing are always encouraged to undertake relevant courses especially in writing field. This helps them to get an easy time when writing different academic papers. In addition, there is a great need to get conversant with different writing styles. This is important in the sense that it helps a given writer to handle different academic papers which require a given writing style.

Most of the companies that offer writing services have different techniques of recruiting potential writers in the company. For example, some companies require new writers to show their level of experience by being subjected to sample tests. Those who perform well in these tests are given a chance to work for the company. However, it is also possible for the company to terminate the services of a given writer especially if the writer is not able to write quality papers. In recap, writing requires high level of commitment and dedication from the writer.

Tax Preparation

Is hiring a tax prep a smart choice?

When it comes to tax preparation, the entire process is a stressful and time-consuming one. Handling your taxes on your own can bring you many inconveniences and cause you a lot of headaches. Why deal with this burden, when you can simply resort to the help of a specialized tax prepare, who will help you manage your Tax return. Tax preparation implies a thorough financial understanding, and without proper knowledge, you can easily make a mistake that can bring you certain legal consequences.

Save time

Each and every year you face the need of dealing with you taxes, which requires you to allocate time to this issue. The amount of time you allocate to tax preparation might be an inconvenience for your schedule. Time means money, and if you can not afford wasting your time on tax preparation, then hiring a professional tax prep is more than necessary. You will benefit not only from accuracy but from convenience as well. Instead of spending hours and hours working on your tax rate, you can use your time in a more productive way and leave this issue in the hands of a specialist.

Financial benefits

Tax prep have enough knowledge and experience in this field, and will help you deal with your taxes in an accurate way. If any of your taxes are deductible, then they will know this aspect, fact that might bring you some financial benefits. In terms of taxes, every penny you can save is important, and even though you need to pay the tax prep, you might end up saving more money than you could have thought.

Avoiding legal problems

When it comes to taxes, you need to be very careful to avoid making any mistakes. This can be rather difficult for the common person, and if the law has suffered from any changes, you might have no knowledge regarding this aspect. An experienced prep knows every small change that has occurred and will help you prepare your taxes the right way. If you make any mistakes while handling your taxes on your own, then you might suffer from certain legal consequences. Without any experience and thorough knowledge of the law, every citizen can easily make a mistake which can cause legal problems. Why take the risk of any legal charges, when you can simply let a professional handle your taxes?

Choose a tax prep wisely

Because there are numerous tax preparation services out there, you need to make your choice wisely. There are plenty of trust-worthy tax preps on the market, but you will need to do your homework beforehand. An accurate research will help you hire an adequate professional tax prep. Look for references or recommendations, and make an appointment if the certain tax prep has raised your interest. Make sure you take care of this aspect in time, and do not wait until the due date.

Search Engine Optimization

PPC Campaign Management

Pay Per Click advertising is the best publicity option on the web these days and that’s why many people try to do it on their own. However, a custom prepared PPC campaign by an SEO Professional is still the finest pay per click approach. A large corporation can save large amounts and get the best performance by going for a professional SEO service. In any case, let us look at how a small business can make the most of a PPC campaign management.

Small Business PPC Campaign

Fix a daily spending limit that you can pay for, even if you make no sales. Expand the funds only if you are sure that the marketing comes out effective and money-making. Use some technique that can record the name and email of your respondents even if they don’t make any purchase. In this way you can later follow up using email; this is how you make your PPC cost count. Always use lengthy phrases that concentrate on the intention to purchase. Long-tail keywords cost less but give wonderful results. That is why you need the expertise of a professional pay per click management agency.

Search Engine Optimization

Targeted PPC Ads

Your PPC ads should be written in such a way that only the people who are keen on buying your products would respond. Usually, people think it is a good idea to give away freebies in classified ads. But this doesn’t apply to PPC campaigns because you are going to pay overtime someone clicks on the ad, and as we all know, a lot of people will just click to get your freebie. So it is important that you write the ad in such a way that you can filter out the unnecessary readers. You only want people clicking when they really want to purchase your product.

On the whole, see that you focus on conversions, not just clicks. Pay per click advertising is something that should be handled cautiously if you want to reduce costs and also make plenty through sales.